Smaller Projects

I’m always creating little things. They might not look like perfect, or even turn into anything amazing, but they’re good to practice my work and show what could be done with the technologies and data of today.

Totem Timer

Totem Timer IconA fun count-down timer on your phone for a variety of situations. Designed to be for a laugh, so no entering specific times. Provides an alert when the tea is brewed, when your friend is ready to go out, when an egg is boiled, and more. Available for Android and Blackberry devices. Visit download page

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Swan Pedalo-ometer

Swan Pedalo IconHow do you know the speed of a pedalo? Pedal at a known speed by watching a rotating icon, then make a not of how far you go in a certain time span. You can use this simple webpage on a phone to work out the speed you pedal at, and then watch the rotating icon again to continue at the same speed. Visit page

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Twitter Tea Day

Put a tea into every day, and tweet about it. Graphs show the most popular day of the week for tea, and what tday is more popular. #Tutesday or #Tuesdtay, #Wednetsday or #Wednesdaty? [no longer running]

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London Elephant Map

An elephant scuplture
A page for each sculpture in the London Elephant Parade, May/June 2010. Includes an interactive map and photos from flickr. Visit site

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