Past Projects

No More Grapes has done some exciting work for different clients. Not all of our work gets released into the public view, but here are some highlights and comments from the clients themselves.

durham-map-and-data-portraitLocal Authority Open Data Consultancy
Research was conducted and a 16-page report delivered on the open data work of local authorities across the UK. The research pointed out exemplar work by councils, and how they had achieved the work, along with the resulting benefits to the area. Multiple meetings were held to discuss the report and research, and work between No More Grapes and Durham County Council continues to take place to aid in the most effective actions relating to open data.

We engaged Gregory to do some work on open data. He has really helped us to understand the issues we are facing and the position that Durham is in compared to other local authorities and the wider market. His work has helped us to step back and rethink the approach to this important area of our work.
– Phil Jackman, Head of ICT Services at Durham County Council

Leading the OpenStreetMap workshop at Open Data Camp 2, Manchester

Leading the OpenStreetMap workshop at Open Data Camp 2, Manchester

OpenStreetMap Workshops
A number of practical workshops have been delivered to teach different groups how to contribute to the OpenStreetMap project. Workshops have been delivered at Open Data Camp, Newcastle’s Friends of Médecins Sans Frontières, and Durham University.

Gregory Marler, ran an excellent 2 hour workshop for the Durham University Risk Masters Students on OpenStreetMap and its application to humanitarian projects. He [included] a good introduction to a group with a very broad range of backgrounds and GIS competencies. This was excellent and gave us the opportunity to dip our toes in the water by mapping with an expert on hand when we got stuck.

I learnt a lot and I’m sure the students did too. I’m convinced that many [more people] would be interested to gain the skills that would enable them to help from a distance when the next disaster strikes.
– Dr. David Milledge, Lecturer at Durham University

Academic-research support and encouragement
Contracted by JISC as Programme Evidence Gatherer for a 12-strong programme of geospatial projects, innovative methods were used to support and encourage open work. Online blog articles were written to stir the researchers into considering new concepts and being aware of emerging themes externally and within the JISC Geo programme. Reports were made in writing and meetings to the JISC exec, keeping them informed of progress and success by projects advancing their fields.